Alexandre Gosselin

Residential Real Estate Broker

Éric Forgues

Real Estate Broker

Éric Forgues and Alexandre Gosselin are teamed as a full-service real estate agency aimed to support you in every aspect of the sale of your property, from its listing on the market to the notarized deed completing the transaction.
From property evaluation to market-value assessment and strategic planning, we make sure to use the best means available to attract the right kind of buyers for your property.
We have access to cutting edge tools that are capable of reaching potential buyers no matter where they are, at any time of day.
We provide guaranteed availability, seven days a week, to answer buyers' requests, plan, coordinate and be present at every visit.
Frequent reports and follow-through calls are always in place to give you a better perspective on potential buyers' impressions and interest regarding your property.
With such a level of exemplary support and assistance, entrusting the sale of a property to Team Forgues-Gosselin is easily the best choice in order to sell well and fast.

Sylvie Leblanc

Residential Real Estate Broker
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